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Start with an idea,
finish with a business.

You can have the work-life balance you want!

We’ve worked with hundreds of Kiwis, across multiple industries to turn their ideas into a success, and we’re here to help you too.

Building a business has never been more achievable – all it takes is a dream, an internet connection, and a proven step-by-step path to follow. 

Three ways we can help you get started...

We're on a mission to build NZ's #1 community for ambitious Kiwis who want to start and grow a small business in New Zealand.

Join the Accelerator

An exclusive membership for ambitious Kiwi’s who want to make more money and build a thriving business. Our resources, downloads, masterclasses and networking events make it easy for you to achieve your goals and create the lifestyle you want. 

Start selling online

Learn about selling at your local markets and online. We’re breaking the barriers for small businesses by helping get their products into the public eye and online. Low joining fees, and only a small commission on the products you do sell. 

Join our free community

Join our free community of over 37,000 Kiwi’s who are interested in starting and growing a business. Ask questions, network, and start chasing the lifestyle you want and deserve. 

Download free resources

We’ve put together a collection of resources that can help you get started on your business journey. Our calculators, guides, discounts, downloads, and short courses will give you the boost you need to succeed. 

Hey, I'm Rachel.

I was a terrible employee and despite the 6 figure salary I didn’t enjoy being stuck in the 9 – 5 rat race.  So I made some big changes. My escape route was through side hustles I started in my spare time, which eventually earned me enough money to replace my full time job.

The Facebook group Side Hustles NZ started in 2021 as a place for Kiwis to network and get support with their businesses. In 2023 I made the commitment to create a platform that shares more information and resources for anyone who wants to earn extra money and grow a business they enjoy working in. .

I get so much joy from seeing our members succeed with their goals, and love brainstorming ideas with anyone who is feeling stuck.

I truly believe that life is about so much more than clocking in and clocking out for 30 years, so why not take a chance and start chasing that lifestyle you’re dreaming of?

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