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17 side hustles to start in New Zealand

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We’re really passionate about side hustles over on this side of the web. You could start one that’s a few hours here and there to boost the bank account when needed, or something that you’re working on growing into a fully fledged business. Whatever the case, here’s a few side hustles we think work really well in New Zealand.

Get a part time job

You can discover lucrative part-time jobs as a side hustle depending on your qualifications and skill set. Finding clients is made easier with part-time side jobs, which can also be great for saving money to pay off debts like student loans. Anything is possible, from part-time teaching to a part-time design job.

It might be time to invest in a new skill set if you have trouble finding a job that pays a living wage. Many websites provide free education that can boost your earning potential. For additional income, search job boards like Trademe or Seek for any part-time positions in your area or think about working remotely.

Buy & sell on Trademe or Facebook marketplace

As the saying goes, one mans trash is another mans treasure. By taking the time to visit garage sales and op shops you might find some hidden treasures that other people are prepared to pay top dollar for. Making good money will take time and a lot of work, but if you play your cards well, it is definitely doable.

Due to the nature of this side hustle, there are many different ways you can approach selling, so how you go about doing it is entirely up to you. Accordingly, you can invest as much time as you desire in this side hustle idea, but the extra cash won’t necessarily reflect this.

Sell on Shopify

A great online platform to sell goods and/or services with a POS (Point of Sale) system and an online store both included in its end-to-end offering.

To expand the avenues via which you can sell, you can also integrate your website and social media accounts. The earning potential is only constrained by your target market and the amount of effort you put into it, just as with other online selling solutions.

In either case, Shopify offers a simple approach to begin selling online, particularly if you already have a website. This enables you to maintain control over the experience you offer them, which may boost both revenue and client satisfaction.

Selling a product at farmers markets

Growing your own food or producing your own goods, then selling them to strangers at a farmers market, has a certain allure. People are no longer strangers in the fleeting moments when they try your product or decide to buy anything you made.

After the transaction is complete, you and the other party become a part of a close-knit group that encourages buying local goods and fosters the kind of camaraderie that can only be found at a Farmers Market.

We love farmers markets and have seen many side hustles grow into medium/large businesses by starting here. The entry costs are relatively low, and they’re a great place to test new products with a wide variety of people who will be walking past your booth throughout the day. Become a regular and the locals will get to know you and offer their constructive feedback around your products.

You’ll also get the opportunity to network with other small businesses owners, an these business connections may prove invaluable in the future!

Making deliveries

One of the simplest and most accessible side jobs in 2022 is delivery work. Bringing food, groceries, and supplies to customers might give you a consistent source of revenue.

The hours you work are easily customizable, and everything is managed through a smartphone app. Although doing deliveries won’t generate passive income, you can save the money you make to start your own business.

Proofreading or Copyediting

Businesses, websites, and bloggers all require proofreaders, and they will gladly pay for their services. You may start a side business doing proofreading or copyediting from anywhere in the world, and you can set your own prices and charge by the hour.

You can even start your own business where you employ people to do the proofreading and trade their time for money.

Start a blog

A super popular blog can generate more than $10,000 per month in advertising and affiliate commissions. You get compensated when readers click on links to test a good or service.

This is more of a slow burner side hustle and you might only start seeing returns 12 months after you start.

As with everything, it’s super important to start something you enjoy – so if writing is your jam, then a blog might be for you!

Freelance writing

Earnings from writing for websites as a freelancer might range from $200 to $300 each piece. I did, however, discover a technique to write reports for $5,000 to $10,000 per hour! I haven’t written for any websites as a freelancer, but I have written white papers for businesses quite a bit.

Basically, this is how it goes:

Many professional service firms, including consulting firms, engineering firms, law firms, and a plethora of others, enjoy publishing “thought leadership” reports, which are essentially blog/research reports on steroids. They can get rather large at times.

The company wants to appear knowledgeable on a subject before using the white paper as part of its sales approach. It’s amusing that very few businesses really produce these reports; instead, they engage freelancers.

Writing white papers will come naturally to you if you are skilled at academic writing.

Freelance work

You can do almost whatever there is a demand for when it comes to freelancing. By making it simpler to discover odd tasks and get paid through platforms like Fiverr, you can concentrate on expanding your freelance business and earning more money.

The flexible side business of choice is freelancing. Although you can choose your own hours and pricing, keep in mind that you will be up against other independent contractors from across the world. This implies that you can easily continue doing your regular job while joining other side hustlers in the gig economy.

Host with AirBnb

You may pay your expenses and save money by renting out a spare room, apartment, or home. The going pricing for similar establishments in your area is simple to find, so you can figure it out from there.

Airbnb may prove to be even more beneficial if you own many houses because economies of scale will increase your earnings.

The location of your Airbnb hosts matters a lot because some locations provide far more earning possibilities than others.

Become a virtual assistant

Being a virtual assistant is an excellent side gig for digital nomads or full-time travellers because you can do it from anywhere in the globe using a laptop. There is a huge need for experts to manage aspects of a business.

Even though I’ve never worked as a virtual assistant, I know plenty of people who have. One of them is my friend Sophie, who quit her full-time job after just three months of starting her own virtual assistant business in order to earn more money and spend more time with her children.

Digital marketing

SEO Consultant

If you study SEO properly from the correct people, it’s simple to make a six-figure income as a freelancer.

This is not a get-rich-quick scam where you can become millionaire with just 4 hours of work per week while lounging on the beach. Nothing worthwhile comes that simple, so you’ll have to put in some effort. However, the SEO side hustle will help you through all the challenges that your rivals will try to present to you.

Facebook Ads

Running search and social media campaigns is another lucrative side business in the realm of digital marketing. Reaching out to local small businesses can be a good place to start. A part-time social media manager might also be on the owner’s wish list.

Social media management

A crucial component of any marketing strategy is social media. Social media is used by everyone from one-woman blogs to multi-billion dollar businesses to build brand awareness, create buzz, and connect with customers.

How are brands, companies, and bloggers able to stay up? Well, a lot of solopreneurs, small business owners, and corporations hire someone else to handle various aspects of their social media presence. And if you know how to use social media, you might be that “someone”!

Website building

Every business needs a website, and there are simple drag and drop website builders available. We prefer to build our websites using WordPress, hosted on

After that, you can also offer ongoing services for maintaining their websites, including uploading material and keeping them secure. You might be able to secure several maintenance contracts for $1,000 per month, which is a pittance for a large company.

WordPress website projects are still many, but it’s becoming more of a commodity service that might be challenging to grow.

Design an online course

It’s not easy to create an online course, but once you do, you can look forwards to ongoing passive revenue from your work. With lots of support available to ensure you can make the most of it, online course providers like Udemy and Teachable make it simple to sell your courses online.

Choose a subject you are an expert in, and concentrate on the value you can provide to students, to obtain the greatest money for your efforts.

Remember that in order to make the lectures shine as a fun online course, you’ll need technology to record the lectures and some video editing know-how. You can quickly see which courses have the most students and research their strategies to strengthen your USP (Unique Selling Point).

Start a coaching/consulting business

Being able to assist those in need makes coaching a fulfilling career. However, you can also work as a life coach, sports coach, health coach, or anything in between. Executive coaches typically earn the highest salaries.

You can coach in person or online, and there are a variety of credentials that can raise your credibility as a coach. You can begin hiring additional trainers once you establish a reputation for yourself in order to broaden your clientele and boost your earning possibilities.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing provides a great deal of promise for making good money without making a lot of investments. To draw visitors and try to turn them into paying clients, you’ll need to create a website (or more than one). Instead of making the sale, you receive a commision from the business that runs the affiliate programme.

From selling software to operating internet casinos, there are numerous different affiliate schemes. To find out how much money you could possibly make, investigate the programmes you’re interested in since they often have varied regulations.

And there you have it!

We fully support anyone who is interested in starting a side hustle or small business. Right from the start it’s important to treat your side hustle as a proper business. We strongly recommend trying side hustles that enich your skills and teach you new things, and these are the businesses that will pay you back for a lifetime. Happy hustling!

Did we miss a great side hustle? Let us know in the comments.

Side Hustles NZ

Hey, I’m Rachel! I started Side Hustles NZ in 2021 with the goal of helping Kiwi’s start and grow small businesses in New Zealand. During the week you’ll find me discussing side hustle ideas in our Facebook group, working in my website design business, or riding my horses.

Table of Contents

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