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About us

Side Hustles NZ started in August 2021 with the Facebook group that has quickly grown in size to over 36,000 members. 

We’re a small business website, transforming the often intimidating world of personal finance and small business into an approachable, enjoyable, and easily understandable journey. Our team of experts specializes in breaking down complex financial concepts, providing clear and practical advice that anyone can implement to enhance their financial well-being, boost their income, and carve out a life of freedom!

Since our inception in 2021, over 50,000 readers have turned to Sides Hustles NZ to explore ways to kickstart a side hustle, delve into online freelancing, master the art of saving, budgeting, cultivate passive income streams, and achieve all their financial aspirations.

With a wealth of experience spanning over 5 years, our extensive content library boasts an impressive collection of articles designed to address your queries and offer straightforward personal finance guidance.

Our mission is simple, yet powerful: we’re here to empower Kiwi’s to reclaim time and financial resources, accelerate their journey to financial freedom, and craft a life they truly enjoy.

With thousands of monthly visitors to our site, we are committed to delivering the absolute best and most valuable personal finance content available.

Hey, I'm Rachel.

Subconsciously I’ve always known that I was an entrepreneur. Working 9 – 5 in an office never suited me. But it took until I was 32 before I finally gathered up the courage to step full time into self employment, side hustles, and the business world. 

I made some big changes. My escape route started through side hustles I launched in my spare time while working a full time job. Eventually they earned me enough money to replace my full time job, which meant I was free!

I started the Facebook group Side Hustles NZ in 2021 as a place to help other Kiwi’s who wanted to earn extra money and grow businesses they enjoy working in, while maintaining their work/life balance. I get so much joy from seeing our members succeed with their business goals, and love brainstorming ideas with anyone who is feeling stuck.

As with all businesses, it is slowly growing and evolving as we get a better understanding of what our members need and how we can serve them best.

I truely believe that life is about so much more than clocking in and clocking out for 30 years, so why not take a chance and start chasing that lifestyle you’re dreaming of?