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Welcome to the Accelerator!

NZ's fastest growing business community

You've got the ideas, the ambition, and the drive...

We’ve got the community, knowledge, and tools to help you reach your full potential and create the lifestyle you want. 

How much progress could you make surrounded by other motivated business owners?

You’ve got the ideas, the ambition, and drive to build a business, but starting is hard. Doing it alone is even harder.

Our private membership solves two of an entrepreneurs biggest challenges: connection & visibility. It’s networking and growth, amplified.

We’re building New Zealands’ #1 business community where Kiwis can come together to learn, grow, and turn their ideas into successful businesses.

And we want you to join us.

What is the Accelerator, and who is it for?

What is the Accelerator,
and who is it for?

It's the ultimate community and online learning platform for Kiwis who want to take their knowledge, expertise and ideas and build a thriving business.

The Accelerator membership has been designed to give you exactly what you need at each phase in your journey to building a successful business. 

Just image where you could be in 12 months if…

The question is… will you grab this opportunity to create the life you want by building the business that gets you there?

The Accelerator has been designed for ambitious Kiwis who are ready to build the business and lifestyle they want.

We all have to start at the beginning. 

But imagine what your life could look like in 6 or 12 months if you followed a proven pathway to building a successful business…

Our mission is to create a system that takes the guesswork out of the equation and guides you through the process of starting and growing a business.

Don’t stay on the sidelines, take action. Your future self will thank you. 

Here's what we're building inside our community:

Coaching, training, and community for Kiwi’s who want to take their knowledge, expertise and ideas and build a thriving business. We teach you how to start a side hustle and grow it into a business, with less stress, less confusion, and way more confidence!

The Lean Blueprint

Access our core training program, where you'll learn how to quickly identify opportunities to start and grow a successful business without wasting time or money.

Member only Facebook support group

Join other Kiwis who understand the challenges you're going through, and can celebrate your achievements with you.

Guest speakers +
Live Q & A

Hear from the experts on topics that will boost your business. From branding, marketing, financial planning, and more.

Virtual co-working & Local support groups

Weekly accountability, support, and networking opportunities with other members who want to hear about your biz.

Promotional opportunities

Promote your brand across our network, and reach over 36,000 Kiwis through our Facebook community and email.

Monthly strategy workshops

Maximise your productivity with strategy sessions and content planning workshops.

Tools, resources, & guides

Get access to our library of tools and resources that will help you scale and optimise your business systems quickly and efficiently.

As well as...

Member Makeovers

We'll review your website or social media channels and offer specific feedback on how you could improve conversion rates, engagement, or anything else that will help.

Backstage Pass

Short videos offering you sneak peaks behind the scenes. Find out what it takes to run Side Hustles NZ and get early access to all the things we have planned.

Monthly Challenges

Need a little extra motivation? We'll run monthly challenges centered around different parts of your business and then celebrate your success!


We're teaming up with different businesses to offer you exclusive discounts and deals to help you grow your business.

Plus, each month we'll keep you up to date with the latest business trends and drop new content in for you.

Are you ready to turn your idea into a successful business?

For less than two coffees per week you can join our community of hard-working Kiwi’s and start chasing your ultimate work life balance.

Annual Membership

30 day money back guarantee
$ 360 per annum
  • Step-by-step guides for success
  • Curated resources, templates & tools
  • Inspiration and ideas from other founders
  • Expert-let webinars, workshops, Q&A sessions
  • Exclusive access to a supportive community
  • Motivating challenges & contests
  • Networking opportunities with peers & mentors
  • On-going feedback and support with your biz
  • Special discounts from partner companies
$0.99 per day

Monthly Membership

Get instant access!
$ 37 per month
  • Step-by-step guides for success
  • Curated resources, templates & tools
  • Inspiration and ideas from other founders
  • Expert-let webinars, workshops, Q&A sessions
  • Exclusive access to a supportive community
  • Motivating challenges & contests
  • Networking opportunities with peers & mentors
  • On-going feedback and support with your biz
  • Special discounts from partner companies
$1.20 per day

Our commitment to you.

We’re so confident you’ll get value from this membership and enjoy being part of the community that we’re giving you a 30 day full refund guarantee period. (applies to annual memberships only)

Join the waitlist.

Doors to our membership are opening soon. If you’re serious about wanting to build (or grow) a business in NZ then leave your details below and we’ll let you know when you can join us.

Don’t want to wait? Email and find out how you can get 1:1 support to kickstart your business success. 


Once your payment has been processed we will send you an email with all the information you need to get started, including a link to our private Facebook group. 

This membership is tailor-made for you if:

✅ You are a values-driven Kiwi in business aiming to expand and champion fellow entrepreneurs.

✅ You find yourself navigating the business landscape mostly on your own, yearning for insights, energy, and collaboration.

✅ You are eager to tap into a community that offers accountability, support, and the opportunity to promote your business within our network

However, this might not be the right fit if:

❌ You’re seeking a shortcut to success. This is a community-driven experience, not a “get rich quick” scheme. While we can’t grow your business for you, we are here to provide guidance, encouragement, and help you expedite your journey 

❌ You intend to inundate us with promotional content. We maintain strict guidelines for promotions within our group. On Thursdays, we have #Marketday, where we provide prompts to help you share about your business without being overly promotional. The rest of the week is dedicated to #nopromo – focused on support, community, and collaboration. It’s a proven formula.

❌ You don’t plan to actively participate. While you don’t need to attend every event or use our group daily, the most successful members are actively engaged. They support others, build connections, showcase their businesses, and participate in Marketday. If you’re not inclined to do any of that, your investment might be better placed elsewhere

Membership is $37 per month including GST. You also get our 30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee if you decide the Accelerator isn’t a good fit for you (applies to annual memberships only).

Definitely! You can book a 1:1 coaching session here: Book a Session with Rachel

Additionally, we conduct regular Zoom Live Q&A sessions during Virtual Co-Working. These sessions typically last for the first hour, and in the second hour, we’re often available for Mini 1-1 sessions in the breakout room.

Annual Memberships are covered by the 30 Day, Full Refund Guarantee. If you don’t get value, simply cancel your Membership within your first 30 Days and receive a full refund. 

Monthly Memberships can be cancelled at any time.

Only a fraction of our members take full advantage of the entire range of membership benefits! Some exclusively attend Monthly Planning or Co-Working Sessions, while others focus on the visibility and connections fostered through the Marketday. There are also those who thrive on local meetups!

Each of these perks alone justifies the cost of membership. If you foresee having no time to dedicate to your growth through Side Hustles NZ, it might be wise to refrain from signing up. The diverse benefits offered provide significant returns for the minimal time investment required. However, joining without any active participation may yield no results at all.

While we would like to guarantee sales from your membership, we can’t ethically promise that.

We do promise to create opportunities to get your business in front of as many people as possible to help 

The return on investment for the relatively low cost of membership can be substantial! Consider how far the same amount of money would stretch for Facebook or print advertising—it’s a mere drop in the bucket!

Whose dream do you devote most of your days to?

We spend a third of our lives working. 

If that makes your heart sink because you know you’re spending so much of your time helping build someone else’s dream, you’re not alone. 

Many people have been led to believe that entrepreneurship is only for a chosen few – the people with connections, a nest egg, or an original idea we can’t compete with. 

But the truth is, starting a business has never been easier. All you need is a dream, an internet connection, and a proven step-by-step path to follow. 

The Accelerator shares the step-by-step process with you that Kiwi’s are using to build businesses that give them creative, financial, AND time freedom.