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Side Hustles NZ community!

Grow your side hustle, learn from the experts, network with likeminded individuals, and and find the answer to your questions in our Facebook group.

What's happening weekly.

Getting involved with our community on a regular basis can help you grow your business and connect you with your ideal customers by building authority and recognition for your brand.

Tell us how your week is looking – maybe you’re working on something within your business, smashing a personal goal, or have something exciting happening this week.

Don’t promote with a link, just share. 

Use the hashtag: #LetsGo

Showcase your expertise and grow your authority within your niche by sharing a top tip with us using the #toptips hashtag. 

Go live, upload a video, or create a post – no links or promos will be accepted.

Promote your paid offers, products and services using the #marketday hashtag.

We’re Kiwi’s helping Kiwi businesses thrive!

Businesses can comment in the thread put up by admin, Accelerator Group members can create their own post. 

Another opportunity for you to promote your business, with a #freebie!

Offers must be genuinely free – no discount codes or free with purchase offers will be accepted.

Include links for webinars or opt-ins.

For activities with limited spaces, like free sessions, they can only be availed on a first-come, first-served basis, with a maximum allocation of 20 spaces. (Please note that no group shares are permitted whatsoever.)

Lets celebrate surviving the week. Share your favourite meme, picture, joke, or something else to help boost the mood and get us ready to recharge over the weekend. 

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #TGIF

Tell us about you! Build trust with your target audience and become memorable with a selfie or share some behind the scenes so we can get to know you. 

Use the #aboutme hashtag so we can find you!

Worked with someone you like or feeling grateful about something? Share it with us. #thankful

Monthly events

Monthly webinar / Expert Q&A

A guest speaker or industry expert will join us for a live webinar or Q&A session.

Member Spotlight

We'll feature an outstanding member or business with an in-depth interview or case study.

Resource Roundup

We'll share a curated list of the best resources, tools, and articles from the past month.

Business Challenges

We'll introduce monthly themes or challenges that will help you boost your business.

Rules & Guidelines

The main goal of our community is to help your business thrive, but to do that we need to follow some rules to make sure it’s a good place for everyone.

  1. Be kind and treat others as you’d like to be treated – nice and simple. We pride ourselves on being a positive and respectful space. This is an all-ages, multicultural group. We do not tolerate rudeness, offensive language, or hostile behavior. Posts causing anger or conflict will be removed.
  2. All posts, comments, and discussions should be directly related to starting, running, or growing a small business in New Zealand. Irrelevant content will be removed.
  3. Share your experiences, challenges, and success stories related to small business operations in New Zealand. Valuable insights, tips, and advice are encouraged.
  4. We work hard to make Side Hustles NZ a positive, engaging space – all of which takes a lot of time. On occasion, we share our own affiliate links and ask that you support those rather than sharing other links.
  5. Please share info in the group so everyone can benefit. If you need to share private information, check that the member is happy to receive a PM first and explain why you want to send one. If you receive unsolicited PMs from members of our group, please let admins/mods know.
  6. Do not share personal or confidential information about other group members without their consent. This includes their contact details or business information.
  7. Give more to this group than you take. Organic self-promo may be appropriate in response through comments – not to start a conversation. Please post content directly rather than sharing from your page. Only include your link/tag if relevant and helpful.
  8. Refrain from sending unsolicited direct messages (DMs/PMs), friend requests, texts, or emails to fellow group members.. Members doing so may be subject to removal from the group, pending the discretion of the Admin. Seek permission before sending messages to other members.
  9. This is a positive space and, where possible, try to keep it that way. If you really feel the need to post a critical review of an experience it should be designed to help our members, not have a go at a business. Please be mindful of how you phrase your comments and posts.
  10. No follow ladders (follow me, and ill follow you)
  11. No ‘yes’ ladders (comment yes and ill send you info)
  12. No link in comments – share them in the main post
  13. Links can only be shared on #marketday & #freebie days
  14. No sharing other groups
  15. No creating events within the group, unless admin have approved

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